1. Christmas gift idea

    Poignant? Life-changing? Humorous? Which books should you get for that animal lover on your Christmas gift list?

    Here, I share a list of my favorites available at Vijitha Yappa & Sarasavi Bookshop. Also, I include a synopsis from Google Books

    Are your favourites here? If not, share them in the comments section below!

    Practical Books

    How To Have A Well Mannered Dog

    Kay White, J. M. Evans

    The authors give practical recommendations for the proper management of your dog. Starting the first day the puppy comes home, get the puppy to understand that you are the Pack Leader and develop an understanding of how the puppy thinks.

    Greatest Dog Tips

    Joe Inglis

    A book that every dog owner will treasure and dip into during the life of your faithful friend. Full of useful tips for coping with the trials and tribulations of owning a dog.

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  2. Is your pet getting the right kind of Nutrition?

    For your pet to live a long healthy life, it's important to feed him or her the right type of food in the right quantity

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