Canvas casual dog shoe

Canvas casual dog shoes

Dermal Knitting Traction Rope + Collar With Buffer Coil-spring for Large & Medium Dogs Training/ Walking Genuine Leather

Dermal Knitting Traction Rope and Collar with Buffer Spring

Jeans pet sport shoes

- Denim canvas Hi-Top "Converse" style dog running shoes in multi 'pop' colors with white shoelaces - Denim canvas body , Soft and comfortable rubber sole of shoe, environmental-friendly material. - Jean Canvas cloth shoes, lining with soft cotton, make your pet more comfortable, fashionable and cool!
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The trendy look and sturdy construction makes these dog athletic shoes perfect for protection, play and to show off that great sporty dog look. Laces stay secure as they accent the look of real sneakers. These running dog shoes are the all around perfect paw-wear for your dog. You can just tighten the laces, tie a bow and go! These canvas "Converse" style dog sneakers are designed for fashion and fun.
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Package Include 4 pcs x 1 set Pet Shoes
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