Pet Absorbent Towel

Pet Absorbent Towel

Self Grooming Massaging Scratch Arch

Durable and perfect for scratching. Removes loose fur while your cat plays.

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  • NO MORE HAIR BALLS: Don't you just hate it when your cat sheds hair all over the place and on your clothes? The grooming arch was specially designed to help you prevent your kitten from shedding hair everywhere. The bristles will gently remove any extra or fragile hair when your cat goes through the arch and your cat will love it.
  • PERFECT FUR IN NO TIME: The grooming arch will not only keep your cat from shedding extra hair, it will also make your cat’s hair beautiful and shiny and keep it healthy. The arch will brush the fur and gently massage your cat for a perfect spa treatment! and the best part? You don’t have to do anything! Your cat can simply walk through the arch and the bristles will do the rest.
  • YOUR CAT WILL LOVE IT: The arch is not just for grooming and massaging. Your cat can scratch away on the bottom of the arch that was specially designed for it so that your furry friend will never have to scratch the furniture again! The arch will give your kitten endless hours of fun and it will love playing with it.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The cat grooming arch was made with the best quality materials and with special attention to detail for best results. The construction of the arch is very strong and steady for maximum durability and stability.
  • WITH CATNIP BAG: The grooming arch comes with a catnip bag. The bottom of the arch has a special area where you can place the catnip so that your cat will keep coming and getting its fur brushed. Your cat will love the catnip and will have endless hours of fun on the arch.

Size (approx.): Dimention 36 x 29 x 35cm

Package content: 1 x Cat Scratching Arch

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